Filmetrics helps your organization utilize data and other digital assets effectively in a secure environment. Our core technical expertise is the acquisition of biometric information from iris, fingerprint and facial characteristics which we integrate with access control tools, smart cards, mobile devices, radio frequency identification (RFID) and encrypted quick response (QR) codes. We have proven our capabilities in large-scale and rapid deployment of integrated identity management systems. We not only authenticate identity and transactions but also give you the confidence to trust your data to support business-smart decisions and reduce second-guessing. Filmetrics began as a technology idea incubated by a Philippine construction industry leader and pioneer. Since becoming an independent venture in 2009, we have gained long-term customers which include the biggest Philippine pension and retirement fund, the country's postal service and private sector-managed infrastructure projects. Our company takes pride in delivering complete and effective systems aimed at supporting our clients' goals.

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive, end-to-end identity solution, ranging from biometric data capture to identity verification inclusive of hardware, software and required manpower resources.

Our Products

We are committed to develop quality Information Technology Solutions using top-grade technologies and international standards in implementing nationwide projects.

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