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A company comprised of some of the country's top experts on identity management and business solutions. We take pride in providing topnotch service to a multitude of organizations since our incorporation in 2009.

Philippine-based, IT enterprise Filmetrics Corporation is your trusted technology partner that brings together biometrics, mobile systems, and data analytics to produce secure business solutions for all your work units anytime, anywhere. With the goal of assisting businesses to make smart and sound decisions and fully utilize the potential of their data and digital assets securely and effectively, the corporation authenticates identity and transactions and ensures the reliability of data in IT systems.

Filmetrics' core expertise is in the integration of biometric data from iris, fingerprint and facial characteristics to create usable and functional solutions and systems in businesses and organizations. It also develops asset and identity management systems including PVC Cards, Encrypted Quick-Response Code (QR Code), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and more. The corporation takes pride in its track record of large nationwide projects and long-term customers including the biggest Philippine pension fund and the country’s postal service, as well as private sector-managed infrastructure and construction projects.


Filmetrics Corporation is the country's premier business solutions provider. Integrating biometric technology, mobile systems, and data analytics, we assist businesses in fully utilizing the potential of their data and assets securely and effectively.

Construction Biometrics

Our core expertise is in creating business solutions through the integration of:

Biometrics such as fingerprint, iris, and face

Security tokens such as PVC Cards, QR Codes, and RFID

Software design and development


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Filmetrics Corporation was incorporated in 2009 and has since forged a name of its own as a Philippine-based technology-driven enterprise providing premier identity management solutions, best practice insights, and business intelligence to different organizations nationwide.

Filmetrics serves as the Information Technology branch in the Freyfil Group of Companies. Its sister companies specialize in Construction, Geodetic Investigation, Mining and Aggregates, Engineering Consulting, Surveying and Mapping, Maritime Transportation, and Real Estate.

In September 2009, it entered into a joint venture with the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) to create a biometric data service facility that eventually paved the way for the partnership to provide a biometric identification and registration system to the Philippine's largest pension and retirement fund, the Social Security System.

In 2010, this collaborative effort with SSS yielded a home-grown and cost-effective, fully outsourced biometric enrollment service module that enabled SSS to become the first fully compliant government financial institution under the Unified Membership Identification (UMID) standards set by the Philippine government. Another milestone for the company is the five-year extension of the service contract to 2020, a testament to how Filmetrics is able to consistently deliver exceptional service and satisfy its clients' demands and expectations.

In its vision to establish safe and secure digital bridges for everyone, Filmetrics, together with PHLPost, also launched in November 2014 a more secure and verifiable Postal ID card that gave millions of Filipinos better access to a government-issued ID that does not require any special skills, employment or professional license. By providing end-to-end service to PHLPost—i.e. supplying manpower nationwide highly trained to digitally capture biometric data of applicants; seamlessly transferring harvested data to a centralized facility for safekeeping; analyzing and cross-matching fingerprint data against the database of fingerprints called the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), and producing the card infused with multi-layer security features, including but not limited to QR code, hologram, and UV ink—Filmetrics gives all cardholders and end-users with an ID that fully guarantees a person's identity and combats any fraudulent transactions.

Furthermore, Filmetrics has also established a partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) with regard to mobile payout enrollment and tracking solution for limited mobility clients, with the Association of Carriers and Equipment Lessors, Inc. (ACEL) in developing secure identification and verification systems for training centers, and with the Halili-Cruz School of Ballet in line with mobile access control and identification systems.

Today, Filmetrics prides itself in its capacity to adapt to growing innovation demand, and successfully serve its clients across a wide selection of industries. Built on trust and technical expertise, Filmetrics continues to expand and lead different projects with other various government agencies, as well as private sector-managed infrastructures, including schools, certification bodies, and other institutions.

​Headquartered in Quezon City, it has deployed workforce in over 400 locations nationwide as well as workstations in 14 foreign offices outside the country.
It has a dedicated training unit and in-house learning facility that produce highly skilled and qualified technical personnel and ensures delivery of complete, secure, and effective platforms aimed at supporting its clients' goals and overall strategic direction.


Be a sustainable and profitable IT solutions provider, primarily pioneering in Identity Management Systems Integration in the Philippines.


  • To be the premiere Identity Management Solutions partner trusted by enterprises and public agencies in the Philippines.

  • To integrate and implement an industry-leading biometric and human interface technologies that comply with international standards to exceed our client’s needs and expectations.

  • To provide reliable and cost-effective outsourced services to enable our clients to focus on their core business priorities.

  • To continually build long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with key innovative solutions partners.

  • To continuously seek innovative new technologies that can be used by Filipino people through employee empowerment.


Foster a win-win relationship with large scale technology partners.

Integrate industry-leading biometric and human interface technologies.

Leverage extensive in-house expertise in biometrics technology and vast experience in large scale government projects.

Manage to impart profitable outsourcing services that are beneficial to the core business of our clients.

Empower employees to contribute towards the Company’s commitment.

Timely delivery of an extremely good products and services.

Reliable and fast client support system that exceeds expectations.

Introduce innovative technologies with streamlined business processes to continuously deliver high quality Identity Management Solutions that is aligned to the Company’s business goals, resources and environment.

Compliance with all statutory and regulatory giving bodies and international standards.

Sustain focus on meeting client’s need as this provides value that will support the organization and the context within which it exists.

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