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SmartView is a top-of-the-line identity management solution that offers high-quality facial recognition software. It boasts the ability to automatically detect, recognize, and interpret facial data through live video streams. SmartView provides a wide variety of solutions to complex problems.

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Live Video Stream Enabled

Detect and recognize facial data through live video steams

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Seamless Integration

Able to detect up to 99% of available IP Cameras and caters to a variety of  platforms such as mobile and desktop

Data Interpretation icon

Data interpretation

Estimates age, gender and emotion

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Its interface was built for the convenience of the end-user cutting the learning curve to none

High Accuracy icon

High Accuracy

Authenticate identity of a person with high accuracy, easily recognizes and detects partially covered faces

Data Collection icon

Data Collection

Collect, authenticate and consolidate facial data automatically, creates database and reports

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