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Angono's New LGU Systems

Angono Mayor Calderon received new LGU Systems that are expected to accelerate government transactions and improve documentation.

ANGONO, RIZAL - City Mayor Jeri Mae E. Calderon received from Filmetrics Corporation P10-M worth of government system upgrades on March 2, 2020. These upgrades are expected to accelerate the city's transactions and processes while reducing red tape and improving documentation.

Mayor Calderon said the integrated systems upgrade will improve their efficiency and transparency. She also mentioned the challenges they faced with the previous systems, "... Como manual, yung mga transactions walang black and white [The problem with manual systems is the lack of documentation]. She stressed her and her colleagues' excitement to receive the new systems which are anticipated to enhance the municipality's service to its constituents.

Filmetrics Corporation, one of the country's leading experts in identity management solutions, turned over an Inventory Management System, a Human Resource Management System, a Daily Time Record System, a Business Permit and Licensing System, and a Real Property Tax Assessment System automating most of the municipality's processes.

Mayor Calderon also pointed out her zero tolerance to fixers and outside transactions policy and how the improved documentation from the upgrade is expected to prevent these transactions.

To close the ceremony, the Mayor thanked Filmetrics Corporation for the systems before expressing her hopes for a stronger relationship between the company and municipality in the future.


To learn more about Filmetrics Corporation or to schedule an interview, please call (+632) 8426 0182 or e-mail You can also check out Filmetrics Corporation’s website at

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