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(IAM) What is Identiy and Access Management?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

I. IAM Meaning and Definition

IAM or Identity and Access Management is simply the authentication of identities and the definition of privilege or access to resources and assets awarded to an IAM User. IAM systems such as Daily Time Records and Identity Authentication Systems are critical for organizations to operate efficiently by strengthening security and providing essential access.


Similar to how computer administrators give users access to specific data, IAM makes sure that access to particular assets and resources are given to the right identities through the use of IAM Logins or credentials. These credentials could employ passwords, PINS, access cards, or Biometric Data.


Depending on the sophistication of the system, IAM frameworks regularly consist of Identity Authentication, Access Authorization, and IAM User Management.

Identity Authentication

Identity Authentication consists of the registration or onboarding of users /persons to a database for verification. The onboarding process generates credentials for the IAM User that commonly employs biometric data (such as the face, iris, and fingerprint), access cards, passwords, and PINs.

Access Authorization

Access Determination is where administrators define a user's role, then determining its corresponding access limitations/privileges.

IAM User Management

IAM user management comprises of user credential management, role determination, identity clustering, and the definition of administrative functions.


Strong Security

IAM users are required to provide credentials such as biometric data mitigating the risk of cyber attacks.


The registration of credentials such as facial biometrics allow automated access to resources and assets without the need of human intervention.


Reduces the need for physical logs and provides easier access to user information.

Data Analytics

The digital benefits provide more insightful data for IAM administrators such as behavior and frequency.

Better Management

Increased data analytics provide more information to the administrators allowing them to make better decisions.


Facial Recognition

SearchEnterpriseAI defines facial recognition as the mapping of an individual's facial features or facial geometry and stores it as mathematical data.

Fingerprint Scanner

A fingerprint scanner or finger scanner uses fingerprint mapping for biometric authentication. This grants a user access to information or to approve transactions.

Iris Scanner

The Electronic Frontier Foundation defines the Iris Scanner or Iris recognition as the process of using infrared light to take high-contrast images of an individual's iris and stores it as data.

Voice Recognition

Voice or speech recognition the process of mapping an individual's unique vocal tone, frequency, or pitch to create an identity for user access.

Access Cards

Access cards use security paraphernalia for to prove identity and authorization.

PINs and Passwords

The use of a unique combination of characters, symbols, and numbers to prove user identity.


Most organizations must meet government standards when it comes to security, especially when organizations want ISO or other standardized certification. IAM meets these standards by giving only the essential access for users to fulfil their tasks or duties.


IdentPro - Streamlines identity-dependent processes by boosting certainty in the identification of people through reliable BIOMETRIC IDENTITY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS

SmartView - An advanced recognition software capable of capturing and authenticating faces through live video streams.

Lilo - A touch-free log-in/log-out system that minimizes health risks in the workplace. Can also be accessed through web and mobile devices which is perfect for remote work situations.

myCARD - a multi-purpose identity and financial card. Specifically designed to automate and streamline LGU processes.

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Jeff Limjoco
Jeff Limjoco
Aug 07, 2020

A very informative article tackling IAM or Identity Management!

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