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What is Visitor Management System (VMS)?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

I. What is Visitor Management System?

How many people visited your office yesterday? What about on March 16, 2020, when the lockdowns started? A Visitor Management System (VMS) is a tool your company needs so you know exactly; who was there, how many were there, who were sick, and when they left.

While great architecture and the surrounding environment plays a role in making the first impression, an office's Visitor Management System is the first real interaction guests and visitors have with a company. Especially during the COVID19 Pandemic, having a comprehensive Visitor Management process gives guests and visitors confidence that your company takes health, safety, and security seriously. Wouldn't YOU be at ease knowing that the establishment you visited has a Visitor Management System app that can easily aid contact tracing?

What is Visitor Management System_What is Visitor Management System?
What is Visitor Management System?

Visitor Management System refers to a tool or technology used to track persons who enter an establishment, when they entered the establishment, and their status when they visited.

Traditional VMS consists of logbooks, spreadsheets, clipboards, or binders where visitors manually write down their names and other information, while modern Visitor Management Systems are digitized and software-based.

II. Benefits of Visitor Management System?


VMS Softwares automate the process of collecting and managing visitor information. It allows a company access to Visitor Management System documentation with a single click.

What is Visitor Management System_Benefits of Visitor Management System
Benefits of Visitor Management System


Visitor Management System apps are integrated with surveillance cameras, biometric scanners, whitelists, and blacklists to be more comprehensive.


VMS apps improve office productivity by deterring unsolicited visitors such as salesmen and uninvited friends that may affect employee focus.


Visitor Management Systems are integrated with surveillance cameras and other security systems to produce more comprehensive information and data.

Company Image

VMS apps play a huge role in making first impressions. Companies that employ modern visitor management systems appear innovative and prioritize the comfort of their visitors.

III. Visitor Management System Process


A person logs his or her details such as name, contact number, address, the purpose of visit, and during the COVID-19 Pandemic, body temperature, and health declaration.

Information Management

The management of visitor management system information so that it is easily accessed whenever needed.

What is Visitor Management System_Visitor Management System Process
Visitor Management System Process

IV. Visitor Management System Requirements

VMS Softwares only requires a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet that can generate a form and can store a database.

V. Recommended Visitor Management System in the Philippines

ezpass is a Free Visitor Management System that automates, digitizes, and simplifies health and safety protocols such as health declaration and guest information logging.

ezpass employs QR code entry, which eliminates the need to touch high contact surfaces such as pens, logbooks, clipboards, and binders. It also provides fast and reliable data analytics and is compliant with the data privacy act.

The app is also accessible online or offline, providing a wide range of applications.

To register, visit the ezpass website at Follow our social media.

What is Visitor Management System_Recommended Visitor Management System
Recommended Visitor Management System


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